Jose Villa Workshop - Part One

Exactly two years ago in November, I attended the Jose Villa Workshop in Mexico. The workshop took place in the beautiful Hacienda el Carmen in Ahualulco, Jalisco, Mexico. For four days, Jose and his amazing team surrounded us with stunning arrangements, decor, beautiful "real couple" models, and so much more. A photographers dream.  

When I arrived to the Hacienda I felt extremely overwhelmed with joy and inspiration. I was also one of three attendees who were beginning to enter the photography business. The majority of the attendees had already been in the professional business for many, many years. As you can imagine, I felt completely intimidated and thought at times "what the heck am I doing here?" 

Although I did not consider myself a professional at that time, Jose, his team and all the attendees were beyond encouraging and friendly. After every shoot, every activity and words of encouragement (accompanied by a few tears too), I began to realize that I was meant to be there. This, photography, had been my passion since the tender age of 10. I just never realized it. Jose Villa and the magic of this workshop opened my heart. The way this workshop felt, was the way I wanted to feel my entire life: inspired, full of life, and full of beauty.

Since the workshop, I strongly believe in my art and proudly call myself a photographer. And, after nearly two years, I continue to feel the workshop's magic. Anyone who has attended the workshop will say the same. To those attending the workshop this coming November, prepare yourself for a dreamy four days in Mexico. It will change your life, trust me.

Hope you enjoy this set of photos from the workshop. There's a combination of film and digital images. 

Did I mention Jose Villa is amazing? Well, he is.


Jose Villa 1.jpg
Jose Villa 2.jpg
Jose Villa 3.jpg
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