Jose Villa Workshop - Part Two

Pretty bouquets, table settings, bridal dresses, and details is all we were surrounded by. So much inspiration inside and outside the Hacienda.

One of the workshop days we wondered into town and took photos of strangers too. The entire town was surrounded by such kind, beautiful people. It made the four days of the workshop even more memorable. 

There are a few adorable photos of the towns children. They were so shy, yet excited to have our attention. It took some convincing to take there photo, but eventually they gave in.  

Jose Villa 12.jpg
Jose Villa pII-10.jpg
Jose Villa 11.jpg
Jose Villa 13.jpg
Jose Villa 5.jpg
Jose Villa pII-17.jpg
Jose Villa 6.jpg
Jose Villa 8.jpg
Jose Villa pII-12.jpg
Jose Villa 7.jpg
Jose Villa pII-9.jpg
Jose Villa 10.jpg
Jose Villa pII-26.jpg
Jose Villa 14.jpg
Jose Villa 15.jpg